Posted by: donovanthomas | October 10, 2011

How companies in the airline industry differentiate themselves. #4

Companies in the airline industry have many ways of differentiating themselves. One way is through providing the consumers with  a variety of  different  services such as food, on board bars, and good quality flight attendants. Another way that airline industry competitors differentiate themselves is through providing various types of up to date technologies, such as Virgin America airways. Most airlines also offer various perks for flyers who pay top dollar, the different perks that each airline offers is also an example of differentiation such as more room or luxury. This website shows various articles on the things that airlines are doing in order to differentiate themselves.



  1. From this article, I get the idea that a big way airline companies are differentiating themselves from other companies is the fight destinations that they offer. This is a key concept when determining what airline you would want to take and how much extra traveling you would have to do when your plane arrived in the country you were headed to. Also, this article illustrates that the American airline corporations don’t control the entire airline industry. It is a good thing that there are large competitors out in other countries, because they are all fighting for the customers to fly with them.

  2. I think that while these perks on planes like fancy seats and experimental social media initiatives are innovative, this kind of product differentiation is not what wins market share for a firm in the airline industry. This goes to show that the average consumer in this industry is practically minded. What makes a difference and sells the plane ticket is
    a.) Does this airline get me from Point A to Point B?, and
    b.) Am I getting the best deal?
    Again, these marketing initiatives are admirable, but an industry like commercial airlines will benefit more from strategic budgeting and low prices.

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